Art and corsetry
One of our greatest assets is painting on the fabrics. We can make your corset or bag the only one of its kind. It can be simple graphics, flowers, animals, portraits, or even replicas of old paintings. All this is painted with acrylic paints adapted to the fabric - after pressing they become waterproof. We usually paint on our corsets, handbags, t-shirts, skirts.
You can even send us your clothes. It is important that the painted surface is not a 100% polyester fabric - due to the necessity of pressing, the polyester melts under a hot iron.

Bearing in mind the respect of copyright and respect for other artists, we primarily paint the artwork we have designed by us or the customer, paintings that are more than 70 years old, paintings and graphics of the author who agrees. The customer, however, can send us illustrations in any quantity as inspiration to create something new from the beginnings.
Crash Art