Art and corsetry
Sewing bags were inspired by the bags from the store chains ... or rather their unprofessional implementation.
These bags were barely able to break loose in the month, handles or lining came in. At the same time the shops were not aware of the complaint.

Fortunately, we have a way. We sew many bags, from practical cotton and light to heavier, more extensive, made of eco-leather upholstery. In the latter case, the skin of the upholstery turned out to be a hit. Such bags are very durable, thick, strong. In addition, we sew a double lining, and strengthen the handles. We do not exaggerate that bags are for years :) some of them can be bought here (click).
Of course, we are happy to decorate them with author's paintings. We will make a similar bag on special request!
Crash Art