Art and corsetry

What can we do for you?

Corsets made to measures:

Do you want to hide your tummy? Or you want to make your body slimmer? Or maybe you just love wearing corsets because you feel comfortable and feminine while wearing them? Our brand has 10year experience of modern corsetry. Corsets can be larger, smaller, plain, crazy, creative, sexy, in every size and matching to your character! We'd love to accomplish your ideas and designs of a corset, we serve a profesional advice. We wish our corsets will be something more than just a clothing for a customer. We're doing everything to let a customer feel comfortly while corresponding with us, discussing every detail of his/her custom corset.

Corsets prices start with 55 USD for Waspie, 65 USD for Underbust and 89 USD for Overbust (+ shipping, the shipping price depengs of a country)


  • We do not make historical-pattern corsets.
  • +18 yo required.
  • In case of pregnency you can only wear a corset about 6 months after natural giving birth or about 1 year after C-section.
  • In case of health issues talk to your doctor before wearing a corset!



Custom Backpacks and Bags

We also offer a custom bags and backpacks. They can be hand-painted, made of a fabric which a customer will choose (and if it's strong enough for bag/backpack). We were dissapointed with the quality of the bags and backpack that you can buy in most popular stores, that's why we do everything to make our goods strong and durable. They have a lot of enhancements to let you wear your backpack or bag for long time. We also use only strong, thick fabrics to make ones. Of course the customer can determine details like colour, size, a number of pockets and so on. Our goal is to make a customer happy!

The price of a custom backpack starts with 33 USD, for bag with 24 USD (+ shipping).


Hand-painted T-shirts

Our brand started with painting on T-shirts, that's why we have a huge experience in this profesion. Do you want to make a special gift for someone? Or maybe wear a T-shirt with a fragment of classic painting? Or maybe a someone's portrait on T-shirt? The sky is the limit ;) We're using acrylic paints dedicated to paint on clothes, you can hand-wash such t-shirt. 

The price for a hand-painted T-shirt starts with 20 USD (for small painting) or about 40 USD (for larger painting) + shipping


  • We DO NOT use copyrighted images, we respect other artists!



Corset Belts

Corset Belts are a creative alternative for classic corsets. In fact they're more belts than corsets but they're still stiffened with composite boning. If you want to emphasize your waist in a fancy way, but you can't/don't want to wear corsets, it's nice solution for you! But still you should be aware that such corset belt won't make your waist smaller. A corset belt is made of 3 layers of strong fabrics, composite bones keeps it's shape. The closure can be a zipper, grommets and lacing or a busk. Usually my customers order such belts with detachable harness or matching choker. Of course the customer can choose a final look of the corset belt, it's size, color, fabric, painting and so on.

The price of Corset Belt starts with 33 USD + shipping


Paintings and portraits

We also offer custom portraits. We make them with professional pencils, on dedicated thick paper, we can also frame a portrait if the customer wants so. A pencil portrait is a perfect gift for someone special, as a anniversary surprice or holiday gift. We draw portraits of people and animals as well.

We paint with acrylic paints on cotton canvas, we put a vernix while the painting is dry. As a paintings the most popular are landscapes, architecture, portraits, any images that are not under copyrights. A customer can choose the size of a painting, colours, style of painting. 

The price of pencil portrait starts with 20 USD for A4 size (one face) and 34 USD for A3 size (one face). More faces on one sheet of paper costs 10-30 USD each. For example A4 portrait with two faces can cost about 27 USD (+ shipping) 

The price of paintings starts with 10 USD per dm' (square decimeter). The more details the higher price for dm'. For example simple painting with size 20x30 cm can cost about 60-70 USD + shipping. Honestly more comfortable for us is to value a painting individually.


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