Art and corsetry

We accept a payment via Paypal in any currency. 
We also accept a standard payment via bank account. To make such payment you will need:
-IBAN: PL72 1050 1214 1000 0092 3885 1209

Ordered/purchased goods will be shipped to the customer, while the payment is complete.


We ship parcels aboart with FEDEX courier. The delivery usually takes about 3-6 days in Europe, about 5-12 days outside the Europe.
The shipping price depends of the size of a parcel and it's weight. While finalizing your shopping you can choose your destination country. If there isn't your country in options, please contact us. 

Exemplary prices:
-from 11,5 EUR to 17 EUR - EU countries
-from 13,5 EUR to 22 EUR - Non EU European countries
-from 21 USD to 48 USD - USA, Canada, Australia

*Customer can ask for an extra insurance of the package (paid)
*Customer can check out parcel's status with tracking number
*We prefer to check the shipping price individualle, to make sure about the price
*Our shipped goods inside the packages are extra secured with bubble wrap, double cardboard and stickers/labels.
*We do not take responsibility of the damages caused by courier or customs officers!
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