Crash Art
The Corset - sliming and shaping garments, often stiffened with the fishbones.
Helps to hide the imperfection of the female body, slims the waist without causing more discomfort.
A great advantage of tailor-made corsets is the fact that they will fit perfectly into your body. Recommended if the client has an unusual figure, or when she wants to start her adventure with the corset.
The bodice and type of modeling depends only on you!

Want to order a corset? - Click on the (form) or write to us.
Got an idea for your corset? - Write us all the information you need!

You can also send photos/graphics that inspire you.
Do not have an idea for your corset? - We will be happy to help :)

As the only on the Polish market we have introduced the possibility of ordering the underbust corset by the form (click).
You can choose the fabric, the shape of the corset yourself and see how your future corset will look like!

Also as the only ones on the Polish market we offer the hand painted corsets!
What will this be? It depends only on you :) Here we invite you to the gallery (click)

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