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Measure yourself for UNDERBUST

To create a bespoke Underbust corset for you, we'd need following measures:                                                                                                
-A - underbust circuit
-B - waist circuit
-C - pelvic bones circuit
-D - hip circuit above the groins
-vertical measure A-B
-vertical measure B-C
-vertical measure C-D
*vertical measure while sitting

How to measure yourself - the instruction with photos below

A. Underbust measure - while taking this measure you can wear a bra (not bralet!). Then a lower edge of your bra will be your underbust circuit measure. The measure tape shouldn't be too tight and too loose so take your measures carefully. Mine is about 73 cm, so circuit A = 73 cm.

B. Waist circuit. Your natural waist is somewhere between lover ribs and pelvic bones, usually 1-2" above a belly button. You can mark your waist with marker or tie a ribbon around it just to have a inmovable refference point and to measure yourself easier. You will need this during taking vertical measures. Mine is about 65,5 cm, so B circuit = 65,5 cm.

C. Pelvic bones circuit. The most important revverence point here are pelvic bones. They're not always sticks out so be careful while ascetrain them. For taking this measure I recommend to wear low rise pants and place it's upper edge around your pelvic bones. And then upper edge of the pants will be your C circuit, mine it's 85 cm, so C circuit = 85 cm

D. Hip circuit above groins. This measure is placed under your pelvis, somewhere about where groins starts and above pubic mound. Mine it's 93 cm, so D circuit = 93 cm.

Vertical measure A-B. Put the tip of your measure tape to the Underbust circuit (circuit A) and check out the vertical measure to the marked waist. Mine is 17 cm, so vertically  A-B = 17 cm

Vertical measure B-C. Put the tip of your measure tape to your marked waist and check out the vertical measure to the upper edge of the pants (C). Mine is 14 cm, so vertical B-C = 14 cm

Vertical measure C-D. Put the tip of the measure tape to the edge of your pants and theck out the vertical measure to the D circuit above the groins). Mine is 8 cm, so vertically C-D = 8 cm.

*Extra vertical measure while sitting: sit down comfortly and put the tip of your measure tape to the marked waist, then check out the vertical measure to the area where the leg and groin starts. This measure shows us how long the corset's front can be to let you sit comfortly

So correctly taken measures will look like (according to mine):
Circuit A - 73 cm
Circuit B - 65,5 cm
Circuit C - 85 cm
Circuit D - 93 cm
Vertically A-B - 17 cm
Vertically B-C - 14 cm
Vertically C-D - 8 cm
*Vertical measure while sitting - X cm

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