Art and corsetry

Measure yourself for WASPIE

Taking measures for Waspie corset is quite easy! We need only 3 curciut measures. But at first you need to mark your waist line (with marker or a piece of ribbon tied around your waist) to have an inmovable refference point.

Our first measure is A - circuit. You need to measure your body circuit 10 cm/4" above your marked waist.
*If your vertical measure between underbust line and waist is smaller than 10 cm/4" please let us know!

Second measure (B) is a natural waist (the circuit you marked before). Remember that measure tape shouldn't be too tight and too loose while taking measure.

Third measure (C) - circuit. It's your body circuit measures 10 cm/4" under your marked waist. 
*if in this C measure area are your pelvic bones, please let us know!

Correctly taken measures should look like:
Circuit A = X cm/X"
Circuit B = X cm/X"
Circuit C = X cm/X"

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